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School picture day shouldn't be a missed opportunity. 

School portraits should not have to be awkward or boring with forced smiles, bright flashes, and unattractive backgrounds.  School portraits are a great way to remember a specific stage in the life of a child, but often they are an awkward, boring, or tacky image of your child being forced to smile. 

My mission is to transform each child into art that will be proudly displayed in homes and gifted with love to family and friends who will cherish them for years to come.

I take pride in providing an environment where the kids can relax and be themselves. I never force a smile and simply aim to capture the essence of the children I photograph. No stiff poses or artificial smiles - just the authentic child on the day, resulting in genuine expressions and timeless portraits.

I provide a custom, boutique experience to all families attending the schools who have chosen me to photograph their students. My service is personal and professional. Unlike large, corporate photography operations, I only take on a few, select schools each year so that I can provide superior products and services.




How does this work?

Pictures are taken with natural light against a black backdrop for a timeless, classic look. Each student's gallery consists of color and black and white images providing more options and adding to the boutique experience. I provide a comfortable and playful setting during the session that encourages children to feel at ease and let their personality shine.

I pride myself on making the picture day experience smooth and simple for everyone involved. In order to achieve this, my operation is completely online. Families are linked to password-protected online ordering galleries. Each child will be provided 2-5 images, presented in both color and black and white. The family may choose the pictures they want to keep, instead of having a pose chosen for them. I also provide other products such as canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing and archiving. 

What services do you offer?

  • Detailed information, including a timeline, proofing and ordering procedures and picture day preparation is provided to schools and families.

  • We provide all equipment needed for picture day.

  • Our online proofing and ordering platform makes viewing and ordering pictures easy and convenient. All payments are handled online.

  • We handle communication, questions from parents and families and customer service.

  • Class picture prints are included with some packages and available for purchase a la carte.

  • Prints and products are delivered to the school. Digital images are delivered electronically.

  • We work closely with school staff and volunteers on picture day for a fun, seamless experience. I can provide staff if volunteers are unavailable.

  • I can provide custom services that fit your school's unique needs.

How do your prices compare?

My rates are competitive with national school photography brands and there is no cost to the school. Parents pay nothing up-front; everything is ordered online after you have seen your child's images. I offer a variety of collections and a-la-carte products to fit everyone's needs.

How does this benefit the school?

Picture day is not just for the students. Faculty and staff may also have their picture taken that same day. I provide the school with high-resolution digital files to use for yearbooks, website, school advertising, school ID's, or however the school wishes to use the images. 

I understand that every school has different needs and goals, so as a special Thank You, I offer a variety of benefits for the school to choose from. Each school I work with may select one from the list below: 

  • 10% of profits donated back to the school, PTA or a charity of their choice;

  • 60-minute on-location school documentary photography session, including hi-res digital images for use in the school's marketing materials, website, social media, yearbooks etc.

I can design custom programs to meet your school's unique needs. 

Can siblings participate?

Yes, we set aside a special time for sibling portraits on picture day. All siblings are invited to participate, even those that are not currently enrolled at your school.

What types of schools do you work with?

I work with preschools as small as 30 students and can accommodate schools as large as 200 students throughout Montgomery County, Maryland and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, including Northern Virginia. While I primarily work with preschool and elementary age children, I can work with students of all ages.

What time of year do you offer school photography?

I work with schools throughout the academic year and work with each school individually to find the best dates for their schedule. Schools typically book their sessions at least 6 months in advance. I will accommodate bookings on a shorter timeline if my schedule allows.  

Why do schools love working with Glimmer Images?

School portraits are a beautiful way to remember a specific stage in the life of a child. They should be proudly displayed in our homes and gifted with love to family and friends who will cherish them. By doing away with busy, distracting backgrounds I focus on capturing the beauty of each child. These portraits are timeless and look absolutely stunning displayed in homes and online. 

I provide a seamless, stress-free experience for the parents, teachers, administration, and staff leading up to, during and after picture day. Students have so much fun during their session, and schools appreciate the opportunity to select the benefit that best meets their needs. 

Families love having a number of images to choose from and the ability to customize their orders to include various options, including color or black & white images, digital files and physical prints. Parents are blown away by the quality of the images compared to national brands, and appreciate the low-pressure sales process, ease of online ordering, streamlined communication, and personalized service. 

Do you offer outdoor school portraits?

Yes, I love taking school portraits outdoors! There is something about being outside that helps kids relax and open up in front of the camera, resulting in vibrant, playful images. Availability for outdoor photos shoots is limited and available on a first-come first-served basis.

How do we get started?

I’m so glad you asked! I am currently booking a limited number of schools for the upcoming academic year.

Parents: If you are interested in bringing boutique school photography at your school please contact me. I would love an opportunity to connect with your school’s Administrator to discuss boutique school photography. As a special Thank You, anyone who successfully refers a school will receive a complimentary lifestyle family portrait session with Glimmer Images.  

What else do I need to know?

I also offer school marketing and branding photography. Contact me to discuss how these services could work for your school.